About Us

From Maisie is a joint venture by husband and wife, James and Emma from West Yorkshire!

At From Maisie, one of our aims is to bring you the most awesome and unique makeup brushes the world has ever seen. We also want to make sure that we bring you the latest trends from the brush world as soon as they happen! 

Emma is a successful plus size fashion, beauty and lifestlye blogger, who through her blog, The Plus Size of Life, fell in love with the beauty industry. Tired of seeing fantasy brushes on Instagram that were hard to actually purchase, she had an idea to make it easy for others to get the latest insta worthy trends, directly from the UK to show off to their hearts content! Combining Emma's idea and online creativity with James' eye for business, From Maisie was born!

We decided to name our brand after our daughter Maisie, who teaches us everyday that it is important to be unique, to stand out just for being yourself and most importantly that Mermaids and Unicorns are not just a thing of fantasy! At From Maisie, we celebrate individuality and everything that makes you unique! We are inclusive of EVERYONE here and there is no room for negativity!

We stand out from other similar beauty brands because we do not drop ship products from suppliers to our customers. We source all of our products ourselves and have them shipped directly to us to then ship out to their new owner. This means that you can be sure of quality. Another plus to this is that you don't have to wait 2-4 weeks to get your hands on your amazing brushes!

We have worked hard to choose and bring you products that not only look incredible but actually do what they are suppossed to and brushes that can easily become part of your normal routine. 

We hope to bring you the latest and best trends as soon as they happen without breaking the bank!